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Programme an der TH Aschaffenburg

Gebäude aus der Vogelperspektive am Campus 1
  • Blended Intensive Programmes

    New Pan-European Elective (FWPM) starting in March 2022: Motto "Edutainment/Gamification"

    In the last week of the term holidays (so-called "PLV period") at the end of the winter term 2021/22 from March 7-11, 2022 (plus short online preparational and follow-up activities in the days before and after this period), the English-language elective (FWPM) "Total Immersion Week - Advanced Regional and Transversal Skills" will take place for the first time as part of the new Erasmus+ programme track "Blended Intensive Programme (BIP)" on the virtual campus of Aschaffenburg UAS. The elective is creditable with 5 ECTS towards the profile "BW/BWR International".

    A total of five places are available for students from Aschaffenburg UAS. The other participants come from our partner universities in France (Université de Bretagne Sud), Spain (Universidad Málaga), Finland (Turku University of Applied Sciences) and Sweden (Mid Sweden University). In the future, the elective will be hosted by one of these European partners in turn each semester.

    Upon request, there is a limited number of places available also for students from other TH AB partner  universities (also from outside of Europe).

    The motto of the first FWPM-BIP at TH Aschaffenburg is "Edutainment/Gamification"; as a project task, the participants will jointly design an intercultural learning game. The underlying concept of Total Immersion includes language taster courses/tandem partnerships as well as cultural activities and excursions matching the motto – in addition to subject-specific and intercultural content.


    If you are at least in the 3rd semester of a Bachelor programme and are interested in this elective, you can apply for one of the five places for students of Aschaffenburg UAS exclusively by sending in a letter of motivation in English (1 page, Arial 11p, 1.5 spacing) to the International Office and Prof. Dr. Renate Link by January 15, 2022.

    If you are a student from a TH AB partner university, please proceed likewise (except for UBS, UMA, TUAS and MIUN).

    For further questions, please contact Prof. Dr. Renate Link.

  • International Project Week


    International Project Days go Virtual – Virtual Team Collaboration and Intercultural Communication in Challenging Times (see our flyer)

    The COVID-19 pandemic has put us on a fast track to acquiring new skills in all walks of life. One thing we all encountered was the need to communicate virtually while building rapport. Virtual communication and collaboration however are here to stay and will grow in importance in the future even when the pandemic is over. Given the great success of 2021/the great feedback we received from participants of our first virtual IPD we will build on these topics and continue to create a supportive, motivating interna-
    tional learning experience for students of Aschaffenburg UAS and (virtually) incoming students from our partner universities.

    • Mixed virtual, international students teams
    • Online learning experience and practical application of the learning content    
    • Useful input from international experts from the world of business and academia    
    • Exchange of ideas and experience across different cultures    
    • Opportunity to gain 2 ECTS for undergraduate students of Aschaffenburg UAS and international students from partner universities

    Assessment international students

    2 ECTS will be awarded upon successful participation of the international project week. Students will be evaluated based on their participation in the respective projects (pass/fail).


    Students from our (Erasmus+) partner universities will not pay any programme or tuition fees.


    If you are an undergraduate student, you can apply online by 15 March 2022.

    Please note that we can only accept a limited number of participants.

    Programme (see our flyer)

    1 April Kick-off meeting (4 hours)
    Team Pre-Assignment (10 hours) offline
    Online Learning Package (about 10 hours)
    27 April 1st Virtual Project/Teams Day with (professional and academic) experts and activities (6 hours)
    28 April 2nd Virtual Project/Teams Day with your project outcomes (6 hours)
    Reflection (2 hours) offline

    Student Voices

    Feedback from Virtual International Project Days 2021

    “I loved hearing and speaking English again and beeing able to be in contact with lots of new people. I t was very nice to see new faces as a don't even know how the people studying with me look, because of the online semesters. I hope that I will stay in contact with my main team. Thank you for that experience.”

    “I really appreciate this course, and the learning course. Meetings new friends and people makes me wants to attend more of this interesting activity. Which I hope in the future I will be able to. Thank you for this amazing experience”.


    Team International Project Week of TH Aschaffenburg
    International Office
    +49 (0)6021-4206-850
    Prof. Dr. Sylvana Krauße
    Faculty of Engineering
    Prof. Dr. Alexandra Angress
    Faculty of Business and Law
  • International Language Week

    more information coming soon

    Language Centre of Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences

    The Language Centre of Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences invites you to participate in virtual keynotes, sessions, workshops, market places and partner fairs offering the opportunity to network, share good practices and develop new ideas.


    For further questions, please contact the Vice Head of the Language Centre, initiator and organiser of the conference, Prof. Dr. Renate Link.

  • Global Master School: International Views on Entrepreneurship and Digitilisation

    Hybrid & On Site from May 22th to 28th 2022

    We are delighted to host our next Global Master School in May 2022. Along with its academic partners from Lviv Polytechnic National University (LPNU), Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU), Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK), Durban University of Technology (DUT), University of Missouri–St. Louis (UMSL) and Potsdam State University of New York (SUNY)  Aschaffenburg University warmly invites you to participate in its first Global Venture Week joins Global Master School Program entitled: International views on entrepreneurship and digitilisation.

    You will find more information on our Global Master School-Website.

    Academic Coordination
    Prof. Dr. Alexandra Angress
    Ph: (+49)6021-4206-740 
    e-Mail: alexandra.angress(at)th-ab.de

    Program Coordination
    Ernst Schulten
    Phone: (+49)6021-4206-714
    Email: ernst.schulten(at)th-ab.de


  • Sprachen lernen

    Sprachenzentrum - Sprachen im Zentrum

    Das Sprachenzentrum ist eine zentrale Einrichtung der TH Aschaffenburg, deren Hauptaufgabe in der Entwicklung und dem Einsatz sprachdidaktischer Methoden für eine fundierte Sprachausbildung besteht, die an der gesamten Hochschule besonderes Gewicht hat und Teil der Internationalisierungsstrategie ist.


    Studierende beider Fakultäten können im Pflichtbereich je nach Studiengang folgende Sprachkenntnisse erweitern bzw. neu erwerben:

    Fakultät Wirtschaft und Recht: Fakultät Ingenieurwissenschaften:
    - Immobilienenglisch (GER-Niveau B2) - Wirtschaftsenglisch (GER-Niveau B2)
    - Rechtsenglisch (GER-Niveau B2) - Technisches Englisch (GER-Niveau B2)
    - Wirtschaftsenglisch (GER-Niveau B2) - Französisch (nur für ITV, GER-Niveau A1)
    - Wirtschafsfranzösisch (GER-Niveau A1) - Spanisch (nur für ITV, GER-Niveau A1)
    - Wirtschaftsspanisch (GER-Niveau A1)


    Im Wahl(pflicht)bereich werden darüber hinaus Sprachkurse in folgenden modernen Fremdsprachen angeboten:

    - Chinesisch I-II
    - Deutsch als Fremdsprache I-IV (nur für Austauschstudierende)
    - English for Business Travel and Tourism
    - Französisch I-IV
    - Italienisch I-II
    - Japanisch I-II
    - Spanisch I-IV
    - Russisch I-II
    - Vorbereitungskurs für das Cambridge BEC (Business English Certificate) Higher

    Im Wahl(pflicht)bereich kann außerdem jedes Sommersemester das AWPM "Destination Nord" mit einer Einführung in die finnische und schwedische Sprache belegt werden.